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Email Marketing Tips

Check out my first issue of Email Marketing Tips.

Inside this one you’ll find the first of a series of quick email check-ups to start the year off right. Make sure your from info, subject line, and preview snippet copy work together in the inbox to entice subscriber opens. Plus, a couple more brief but excellent supporting articles.

The aim of these updates is to provide you with only the best, most useful news and information. Things you must be aware of to make the most of your email marketing time and money. Tweaks and improvements you can readily and easily make yourself or with a little help.

You don’t have time to comb the net and stay on top of email marketing’s latest and greatest. You’re busy doing what you do, am I right?! Leave the combing and culling to me. I’ll find the gems and present them to you once or twice per month, plus the occasional extra-special update. Don’t miss out…

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