Swipe File: Winning Confirmation, Thank You, and Welcome Messages

Love the Little Things Signup Thank You Page

Confirmation, thank you, and welcome messages are an important of the new subscriber experience and additional marketing opportunities for you. You’ve already made your signup offer enticing enough for someone to submit their email address (and perhaps more). Why not make the most of your confirmation and welcome messaging, too? The default copy provided by MailChimp […]

EMAIL MARKETING TIPS Issue 2: Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Design

Assorted Screens

And we’re back! This issue features the second in a series of quick check-ups for your marketing emails. In case you missed it, last month was about how to entice opens with a winning combo of your from info, subject line, and preview text. Now let’s talk about responsive, mobily-friendly design. You’re probably hearing this […]

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Email Marketing Tips

Check out my first issue of Email Marketing Tips. Inside this one you’ll find the first of a series of quick email check-ups to start the year off right. Make sure your from info, subject line, and preview snippet copy work together in the inbox to entice subscriber opens. Plus, a couple more brief but […]

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