Email Marketing Virtual Assistant

Professional virtual assistant with 8 years’ permission-based email marketing experience.

  • Build your email campaigns (newsletters, ezines, updates), autoresponders (drip campaigns, ecourses), and list subscription forms and emails to complement your website branding.
  • Edit, proof, and upload your content. (I don’t write the copy, but can polish, make suggestions, and refer copy writing help as needed.)
  • Schedule and send to your permission-based lists.
  • Create list segments and groups.
  • Provide code to add subscription forms to your web and Facebook pages.
  • Work with you and your design, social media, eCommerce, and contact management professionals on app integration. (Can also refer this help as needed.)
  • Provide campaign reports.
  • Help you keep up with and apply best practices.
  • Consulting and training.

Request a free, 30-minute, no obligation phone consultation*.
*Not a tech support call.

Just need some quick answers or recommendations? No problem. 

Cut to the chase and order 30 minutes or more of Support-by-Email.

MailChimp is by far my favorite email marketing provider, based on ease of use, range of features, constant improvement and development, delivery/open rates, top notch customer service, flexible pricing and more. You’ll also find me listed in the MailChimp Experts directory.