"May all beings be filled with loving kindness.
May all beings be safe from inner & outer dangers.
May all beings be well in body & mind.
May all beings be happy & at peace."

The above meditation was the focus tonight’s yoga class & really resonated with me. This phrase is the final variation of Jack Kornfield’s “Meditation on Lovingkindness”. You begin by dedicating it to yourself, then a loved one, then to all beings. Sometimes the universe brings you exactly what you need, at the exact moment you need it. I hope this touches some of you as well. We are all fighting our own battles. xo  (via vegenista)

So true and perfect!

The other day I watched the documentary, Happy, and learned that compassion meditation can actually change your brain and combat depression and anxiety. I’ve had to take anti-depressants for many, many years to combat recurring depression, but hate the idea of having to take prescription drugs for this for the entire rest of my life. If I do, I do and so be it. However, if there’s a natural, drug-free way to treat it that will reduce stress and increase happiness at the same time, I want to give it a try!

So I went Googling for a while this morning, but didn’t really turn up satisfying results and tabled the research for later. Then over lunch I (s)tumbled across this timely post!

During my research, I learned that loving-kindness meditation is closely related to compassion meditation and can also have a very real and lasting positive affect on brain function and conditions like depression. It also seems like a better starting point for me. 

There are several other meditations here, too: compassion, forgiveness, walking, and sitting. Perhaps one is exactly what you need at exactly this moment.

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Timely and prophetic article from 2006. Very interesting read about cooperative economics in Depression Era America: “When the next crash comes, the self-help movement of the 1930s may be just as important a model as the New Deal.” Yup.


After the 1929 crash, workers created a cooperative economy, using industrial leftovers and ingenuity. It was called the Unemployed Exchange Association or UXA. What could we do with that cooperative model today?

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