Virtual Assistant

Professional Virtual Assistant for 8 years, with over 20 years’ experience including corporate, small business, nonprofit, and solo entrepreneurs.

Lover of positive change, fresh challenges, community involvement and social, political and environmental advocacy.

Operating from a core of integrity, accountability, dedication, respect, equality, teamwork and kindness. As my bio states, “I care deeply about how we treat one another in this life — and that good business does, too.”


Utilizing my services provides a way for you to increase the size of your team only when you need to. I’m a great “resourcing” solution for controlling costs while dealing with pressing project deadlines, increased workload, and/or specialized needs.

I work directly with you on a contract basis, remotely from my office. You get the benefit of my experience, expertise, and time delivered in a convenient and flexible way. Staying nimble and frugal is especially important to lean micropreneurs and nonprofits.

Engagements on an hourly, monthly, or project basis.

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