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As a small UK fitness business with no dedicated admin resource, we understood the importance of e-mail marketing in converting leads, but struggled to achieve consistency in the frequency and quality of our newsletters. Never seeming to have enough time to devote to the job, I came to the conclusion that we desperately needed help!

Around this time, I came across Denise on the recommendation of a LinkedIn article. When I discovered that she was a MailChimp Expert (the system we were already using) I was hopeful that she could be the answer to our problems despite being based on the opposite side of the Atlantic.

Several months and numerous newsletters later, we have made enormous strides forward with our e-zine. Freed of the task of compiling the newsletter and checking the formatting issues, I have been able to greatly improve the quality and depth of content. This has been noticed by our customers in the form of both specific compliments and improved open rates of over 45%!

Denise has introduced the discipline, structure and quality control to ensure that we make the most of our growing distribution list. She has done so with unswerving politeness, good humour and patience.

I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for great customer service in e-mail marketing support - whether US or UK based!

- Shona, Owner, JB Personal Training


When it comes to Mailchimp, Denise is “IT”! She had great hints on everything Mailchimp, from good practices to good looks, and gave us very adept training as well, which we know is going to save us countless hours of needless frustration! In addition, she’s just a lovely, reliable and smart person to work with!

- Helene G. Brenner, PhD, Author, Speaker, Transformational Psychologist


I once told Denise I was now co-dependent on her … in a nice way. This is only half in jest. Denise needs a superhero name that encompasses her many talents … Professional, Determined Problem Solver, Focused, Expert, Generous, Funny, Smart, Personable…Indispensable! She is Captain Indispensable!

It’s hard for me to remember life BD (before Denise). But Box of Crayons looks better and better under her tender care.

- Marcella Bungay Stanier, VP of Everything Else, Box of Crayons

(When I expressed a little panic at such an enthusiastic testimonial, Marcella added: “Humble forgot to add humble.” ;) I’m also quite honored to get to do a Marcella ‘reveal’ here, as she generally prefers to remain the “almost anonymous” white hard hat of operations at Box of Crayons. Humble herself, generous, and simply all around amazing. She pays a surprise visit to BOC founder Michael Bungay Stanier’s interview with Les McKeown here.)

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Denise, Thank you for pulling me through my MailChimp near-crisis. Everything looks great! It was a pleasant relief to know you were taking care of these details, so I could focus on the things I do best. I gave your name to a colleague today and am assessing what you and I might accomplish together next.

- Kayce S. Hughlett, MA, LMHC, www.kaycehughlett.com, author of As I Lay Pondering: daily invitations to live a transformed life. Available here.


I decided to take my own advice about asking for help, and contacted Denise to get several upcoming ecourses ready in MailChimp. Her expert handling took this right off my plate and allowed me to shift my focus to other things pressing for my attention. Even if we can do things ourselves, sometimes we just can’t do it all. It’s so much easier with a little help and Denise’s support was just the ticket.

- Debra Smouse, Life Coach and Writer


I can’t say it enough- but you have been such a pleasure to work with.  You turned what was once a seemingly frustrating situation for me into a breath of fresh air….boy am I grateful for that!!!

- Alana Foy, Writer, Healer, Teacher & Speaker, The Radiant Well

(Alana and I worked together to get her email subscription forms, autoresponder series, and newsletter up and running in MailChimp.)


Denise has been nothing short of wonderful to work with. Proactive and professional to a fault, yet friendly and thoughtful, I cannot think of a better set of skills in a team member. Very importantly for our team of geographically dispersed authors, Denise is very knowledgeable about the strategic value of social media for marketing books and ideas around the world. I recommend her very highly to you.

- Dr. Jaideep Prabhu, Nehru Professor, Judge Business School, Univ of Cambridge. Innovation, Marketing, & Strategy expert. Co-author of Jugaad Innovation: Think Frugal, Be Flexible, Generate Breakthrough Growth.

Denise has been an outstanding member of our transnational team, proactively building our social media presence and importantly, sharing thoughtful insights based on her extensive experience working with other clients including authors.  Denise demonstrates not only professionalism and a high level of organization in an extremely fragmented scenario, but also gives us the sense that she truly cares about us, our work and our success.  I recommend her work without hesitation.

- Dr. Simone Ahuja, founder of Blood Orange, co-author of  Jugaad Innovation: Think Frugal, Be Flexible, Generate Breakthrough Growth.

Denise has played a vital role in the successful launch of our book, Jugaad Innovation. She provides great admin support for book branding & promotion activities. In particular, she does a great job maintaining the book web site. Very meticulous and detail-oriented, Denise is hard-working and can anticipate and proactively fulfill clients’ needs. She can get the job done on-time. I am grateful to collaborate with her.

- Navi Radjou, Innovation & Leadership Strategist, co-author of Jugaad Innovation: Think Frugal, Be Flexible, Generate Breakthrough Growth.



I knew Denise was smart before I chose to work with her, and my only disappointment is that I didn’t grab her to work with me sooner!

She’s smart and savvy and she ‘gets it’! I heartily recommend her work — only, maybe I shouldn’t because I’m likely going to want increasing amounts of her time!

- Chris Silver Smith, President & Strategist, Argent Media


Denise is a valued member of my team.  Her professionalism and attention to detail give me the utmost confidence that she can handle any aspect of the work we do for our clients.  I can count on her to give every task the care and attention it deserves.  She anticipates problems that may arise and has solutions at the ready so that projects continue without a hitch.  I can enthusiastically recommend Denise.

- Janica Smith, Owner, AdminiSmith Virtual Business Solutions


Denise delivers:  I’ve worked with her over the last 4 years, and have always found her to be responsive, reliable, resourceful, and right-on-time.  In fact those “4 Rs” sum her up – and I can’t recommend her more highly!

- Carolyn Monaco, Author Marketing Consultant (Monaco Associates)


This has been the best investment I’ve ever made. Denise rocks.

– Beth Kanter, Author of Beth’s Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media to Power Change and co-author of both The Networked Nonprofit: Connecting with Social Media to Drive Change and the soon to be published Measuring the Networked Nonprofit: Using Data to Change the World



I cannot begin to tell you what a precious asset you are to us — it helps brand and differentiate us to have high quality people, and you are the best!