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Hi there! I’m Denise, a freelance editor based in Maryville, TN. My pronouns are she/her.

Helping You Shine Online

I specialize in digital content editing, proofreading, and management for online coaches and course creators. I also work with small businesses, nonprofits, agencies, bloggers, and other content creators and marketers.

Helping You Make a Difference

I especially love helping purpose-driven people and organizations to be successful and make an impact—through their content, across their creative platforms.

​Headshot of Denise Aday, a woman with short, curly brown and gray hair, wearing glasses and smiling at the camera, sitting in front of a home office background.

My Approach

Your Brilliance, Polished

It’s your content, your writing—your leadership and inspiration. I take great care to ensure that your voice and style shine through, while helping you look great online.

Rules Are Tools

When it comes to editing, I’m what’s called a descriptivist. I respect how language is actually used and constantly evolving, rather than inflexibly imposing formal rules.

Plain Language

Readers deserve—and are better served—by clear communications. Less jargon, wordiness, and stiff formality. More common words, concise sentences, conversational tone, and active voice. Also, well-organized content with helpful headings and transitions. Reader-focused writing.

Conscious Language

Inclusive language is integral to good communication. Words are powerful. They matter. I help you choose them wisely and avoid bias. (Note: I edit with overall awareness but am not a sensitivity reader. Be mindful of your subject matter and when to engage an additional specialist.)

My Experience

After years of small business, corporate, and nonprofit experience, I joined the online freelance world in 2006.

First as an executive virtual assistant, working mainly with consultants, coaches, speakers, and authors.

I quickly added email marketing support, specializing in the Mailchimp platform for several years.

Always passionate about good communication, I realized that working with the words themselves is my favorite part of marketing and providing a great experience.

Nowadays I work with clients across their digital platforms—editing, proofreading, and managing their content. I help people shape and polish their messages and spread them effectively online.

Your turn. Tell me about your needs?

Affiliations & Training

Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA)
ACES: The Society for Editing
Edit Republic
Freelance University

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