Editing & Proofreading Services

Polished, professional communication is vital. Reader expectations are high.

Digital content needs both editing and proofreading before publication. Even self-edited content benefits from a fresh set of eyes.

Following are editing service overviews and some areas where I can help your digital content shine. Services may naturally overlap or might be combined, depending on your content’s starting point and your aims, timeline, and budget.

The Big Picture

Content Editing

The Big Picture

Also known as developmental editing.
Assesses overall content and structure.
Considers voice, tone, and logical flow.
Checks for inconsistencies, gaps, irrelevancies, and redundancies.
Identifies what is and isn’t working well.
Provides feedback, potentially for revisions, reordering, cutting, or expanding.

Line Editing

Language & Style

Works line-by-line, at the sentence and paragraph level.
Adjusts order, length, and flow.
Looks at word choice, clarifying meaning, tone, and voice.
Removes or smooths things that might trip or stop readers, like wordiness, jargon, and awkward phrasing.
May fix obvious grammar mistakes like run-on sentences and sentence fragments.


Polish & Perfect

Adds professional polish, correcting grammar, spelling, usage, and punctuation.
Checks for consistency and continuity.
Matches applicable style guides and sheets (optionally creating a house style guide).
Catches overlooked and introduced errors.
Optional checks: facts, heading levels, web links.
Close Examination


Last Look

Reviews laid out and formatted text and visual elements before publication.
Skims for missed typos and punctuation errors.
Spots layout issues.
Checks formatting of headings and subheadings, font styles, tables and figures, hyperlinks, and metadata.
Corrects errors but doesn’t fix content.

Digital Marketing & Business Content​

If you don’t see your needs here, just ask!

Online courses
Web pages & landing pages
Blog posts & articles
Email campaigns & series
Lead magnets
Presentations, reports, & white papers
Guides & ebooks
Social media content
Product & service descriptions
Internal business documentation
Other digital assets


What does it cost?

I offer both one-off and ongoing services. Each project is different and requires a custom estimate. Please reach out to discuss your unique needs.

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